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Have you ever entertained the idea of being a lawyer but felt certain that a life of dark suits and stuffy boardrooms weren’t for you? A law degree doesn’t have to trap you in an office or a courtroom; take

Drugs and substance abuse can cause serious health problems such as; lung diseases caused by smoking, heart illness, kidney, and liver damage. Statistics show that out of 21 million substance and drug users, only 10% of them seek treatment. Prevention is better

Finding the right family lawyers in Melbourne is a delicate balance of locating them – through word of mouth or online – and then assessing them via different criteria such as cost, temperament and communication styles. Read on for a

The courtrooms are a bit tricky for a normal person. Not everyone knows their way around the court and law. Therefore, you need a lawyer to help you out and represent you in court. Most people do not realize the

In the last 25 years, our experienced attorneys have advised thousands of individuals throughout Canada to appeal for LTD compensation. Your Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits you equivalent to 70 percent of your monthly income when you cannot work due to