5 Questions You Must Ask Your Lawyer in California

The United States is considered to be the home to the most lawyers in the world, and California employs over 250 thousand of them. Finding a lawyer that is best for you could be a challenge. The interview process is going to nail it for you. Remember that you are the client, and the answers to your questions deserve answers. Before you sign with a lawyer, you’re already thinking of the standard questions you must ask your lawyer. Here are 5 more questions you must ask your lawyer that will be specific to your case.

What Strategy Are You Thinking of Here?

It doesn’t matter what case you are worried about, the strategy is the most important element of it. Ask your potential lawyer-specific questions here.

You are not going to see a lot of specific legal advice in the first consultation. This is because most of the time these are free and lawyers refrain from offering free advice on the first visit. At the same time, they don’t know you or the case well and may not have the best advice available to you at this consult.

They still should be able to give you an idea of strategy based on the initial facts you present. Ask them what their success rate has been with that strategy, and what the pros and cons of that strategy might be. If you aren’t happy with the answer, ask them if there are alternatives.

Do I Have to Go to Court?

Lawyers love going to court because this is when they get to practice the law they are so passionate about. Judges on the other hand prefer that things get settled as quickly as possible. This is because court time is costly and slow to deliver. Judges want cleared dockets in a country home to the most lawyers, and legal problems, in the world.

All that means is that the people of America fight for what is right, and judges know this and respect this as well. But court time is going to be expensive for you and will come out of your settlement if you are seeking one.

You don’t want to go to court unless you have to. Ask your potential lawyer what the alternatives are here. Find out how many of their cases have been resolved out of court.

Will You Be the Only One Handling my Case?

When you are looking for a lawyer, you want to know it’s a good fit. This is one of the most important questions you must ask your lawyer.

The last thing you want is to find a good fit with a lawyer in a big firm, and then find out you’ll be talking to associates the entire time. This may not matter to you at all. But you’ll want to know this well in advance.

Along with this question, you want to find out whom you talk to when you need to call about the case. It might be less expensive to talk to a secretary or administration assistance. You don’t want to be billed $50 for a partial billing because you forgot what time you were supposed to be in court one day.

Get email addresses and contact information and names of those you can address quickly when you have a question or concern.

What do I Need to Do to Win?

This might be the most important question. Lawyers don’t want clients that are non-compliant or have problems following their advice. Ask your potential lawyer what is expected of you.

Answers here may include not talking to witnesses, not dealing with the insurance company without their approval, or getting documentation. It may include all the above and more.

If you are looking for a lawyer, you can use the State Bar of California, or in Antelope Valley, the Los Angeles County Bar Association. You can also check with these organizations if you are concerned about the disciplinary or bar status of a lawyer you are talking to.