7 Effective Ways to Curb Drugs and Substance Use

Drugs and substance abuse can cause serious health problems such as; lung diseases caused by smoking, heart illness, kidney, and liver damage. Statistics show that out of 21 million substance and drug users, only 10% of them seek treatment.

Prevention is better than cure. Instead of watching people suffer from drugs, the best way is to find ways to prevent their use. It is hard to convince a person to stop drug abuse but, you can learn what triggers them and advise them accordingly.

How to Prevent Drug Use

Discontinue Prescription Drugs

Most people think they can only be addicted to leisure drugs such as cocaine and others. Studies have shown that people can get addicted to prescription drugs too. Teenagers and young adults are the most affected by drugs such as opioids, anti-anxiety, sedatives, and stimulants. Signs of prescription drugs are; mood swings, oversleeping or sleeplessness, and making poor decisions.

Avoid Peer Pressure

Develop healthy relationships and avoiding family members or friends who lure you into using drugs and substances. It’s likely to copy people close to you so, if a family member or friend takes drugs, you are more likely to use them. Look for a way to say no to drug use by avoiding friendship with the abusers.

Seek Mental Treatment

In most cases, mental illness and drug abuse go hand in hand. If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or depression, seek professional help from a therapist. They will guide you to manage such conditions healthily without turning to drugs or substance use.

Choose Life Over Drugs

The decision to stop taking drugs and other substances solely lies with you. If you weigh the consequences and risks of drug abuse, it is better to live a drug-free life. Some people die due to drug-related issues, and others face court charges due to the same. Learn your state’s drug crime laws and seek help from lawyers if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Examine the Risk Factors

Several studies have shown that mental illness and addiction can be hereditary. So, if your family history has individuals who abuse drugs, you can stand firm and say no to them. Cut friendship with drug users; it is better to lose friends than get dragged to their habits.

Seek Better Management Mechanisms

Most people use drugs and substances as a way of coping with life’s challenges. It is normal to experience negative emotions, but finding solace in drugs is a wrong decision. Look for better ways to deal with negative emotions such as; exercising, talking with a good person, yoga, or meditation which will help you keep off drugs.

Set Alone Time

At times, people get overwhelmed by everyday work at the office or business. After getting home, they are also faced with family duties and other obligations. All these pressures can lead to a state of depression, and in the long run, an individual can turn to drug use to help keep going.

So, instead of risking your life and get depression, consider taking a day off and take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing. You can visit a spa, get a massage, read a novel, or go on a vacation. Leaving your daily hustles may seem hard, but it will help avoid taking drugs and substances.

Pursue your dreams and develop your goals. These will keep you engaged and hinder you from drugs and alcohol. If you get negative emotions, look for professional help or engage with helpful activities. Believe in yourself and avoid people who use drugs to increase performance and relieve tension.