Avoid Dog Bites At The Dog Park

If you have a dog that you like to take to the park in New Jersey or New York, you probably have met other dogs that were not very friendly. Even if you do not have a dog, but you like to run or bike in public parks, there might be dogs that are off-leash in the same areas where you are enjoying your own outdoor time. Do you know what to do if a dog approaches you in an aggressive manner?

If you are concerned about aggressive dogs and your ability to avoid being bitten, you need to read these tips. Avoiding a dog bite is always better than becoming embroiled in a situation with a dog owner of a legal nature. If you do get bitten, you will need to know when to get a dog bite lawyer NJ for your case.

How to Avoid a Dog Bite

1.       Read Body Language

The best way to avoid a dog bite is to watch the body language of each new dog that comes your way. Overall, touching any dog that is not your own dog is never a good idea, even if the owner says that it will be fine. If the dog appears to be stiff, has a high tail, or flattened ears, these can be early warning signs that the dog is feeling defensive. Do not approach any dog standing in this manner and you will reduce your risk of a dog bite.

2.       Stop Running

If you are running and a dog starts chasing you or your dog, stop running, but keep moving purposefully. You will want to raise your arms up to waist height so that they are not at grabbing height and you should look at the dog steadily. Try to just move out of the dog’s perceived territory before you start running again.

3.       Don’t Engage in Play

Some dogs might seem friendly and it can seem like a good idea to pick up their toy to throw it for them or to engage in some form of play. For dogs that are aggressive, this can be seen as a sign of a threat and when you bend over, your face and shoulders are at biting height. Make sure that you do not engage in play with unfamiliar animals in the park under any circumstances.

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If you have been bitten by a dog in the park in New York or New Jersey, reach out to us at the Law Office of Peter Briskin. We are an experienced dog bite lawyer in NJ and will set you up with a free confidential consultation to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.