Going Through a Legal Separation? Here is what to Avoid Posting on Social Media

Are you undergoing a divorce? In case you feel like giving vent to your feelings and pour your heart out on social media, you need to think again. You might feel the impulse to announce to the world that you are going to get divorced in sometime or would like to tell everyone that it was all the fault of your former spouse. But washing all the dirty linen in public might only get you into trouble. It is actually a very bad idea to post on social media about your divorce. As you might be told by your attorney, your divorce proceedings might be affected by what you post on the social profiles that you have. Anything that you post on the web could be used in divorce court against you. These are a few things that you must not post on social networking websites while undergoing a divorce or legal separation in NJ:

Your private divorce details

You must keep out all the private reasons on social media websites why you have chosen to get divorced. It might be quite tempting for you to reveal the details of your relationship on the web. However, when you do that, it could go on to hurt the privacy and feelings of your spouse. When he or she is hurt, your spouse is likelier to challenge you when you are undergoing a divorce. When you feel that you would like to announce your divorce on social media, have a talk with your spouse about it. You might like to make the announcement together but your spouse might like to keep away all your intimate details away from the public.

Unsavory comments about your husband / wife

How would you take the matter if you woke up to find that your spouse has badmouthed you all over social networking sites? Even you might like to lambast your spouse on the internet, think again. Talk to a therapist. Avoid speaking anything bad about your spouse on the web. Your spouse might regret it now, but you might regret it too – at a later point. This can be a part of NC separation agreement, and you have to sign it.

Your photos with your new partner

In case you are having an extramarital affair and you post information about it on social networking platforms, this information could be used in court against you. This can be a major factor used by the judge to determine spousal support and child support. Also, this will make you look bad, the one who was responsible for the divorce. It is not, also, a good thing for you to do to your ex-spouse. The same is applicable for your new girlfriend or boyfriend, and might give that person a bad name online. Your spouse as well as the world might find it disrespectful if you show off the new person in your life.

Your profligacy

Do yourself a favor, and do not incriminate yourself by posting photos all over social media that show you spending a lot of your spousal money prior to your divorce. Your partner might use this in court, and show that you wasted marital assets purposefully. In case you feel that you are soon going to be divorced, do not share any photos of yourself buying a new car or going on shopping sprees. If you need legal forms for your separation, visit this website forms.legal