Creative Careers for Attorneys

Have you ever entertained the idea of being a lawyer but felt certain that a life of dark suits and stuffy boardrooms weren’t for you? A law degree doesn’t have to trap you in an office or a courtroom; take a look at the varied legal careers below and see what great diversity there is in the field of law. There are a variety of professions available to lawyers willing to look beyond the stereotype.

Entertain Me

For those attorneys who’ve always had a hankering for a creative life or longed to be in the spotlight, one way to still scratch that itch is to become an entertainment lawyer like John Branca. Entertainment lawyers protect the creative work of their clients and ensure their legal interests are protected during negotiations with music labels, movie studios and licensing firms.

Activation Complete

For lawyers who want to change the world, there are many ways to become an activist for their causes while also put their law degree to use. Lawyers can take on causes that might be beyond even the most skilled activist by using their skills to negotiate agreements, research precedent and litigate controversial issues. From saving the environment and protecting the rights of the elderly to helping ensure equal access to education and preventing discrimination, lawyers can become effective activists by putting their research, writing and litigation skills to good use.

Military Matters

If you’ve always wanted to serve your country but are also intrigued by the law or want to further your education, consider joining one of the branches of the military to become a Judge Advocate General (JAG). Because the military and those who serve in it are governed by their own set of rules, a JAG lawyer is specifically trained in this field of law, interpreting the military rules of law to help all members of the military navigate legal matters unique to the armed forces.

Out to Sea

Another interesting field of law is that of admiralty or maritime law, which refers to the separate set of laws that govern the open sea; these laws can cover ship registration, exporting goods and ships leaking oil, among other topics. Whether it’s cruises, cargo or pirates, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to challenge any lawyer who wishes to work in this specialized field.

From working with big-name celebrities to working on a battleship, a law degree can take you anywhere you want. Keep your mind open and use your interests and passion to guide you to fulfillment in your legal career.