Delayed Pain in a Car Accident: Do Victims Have Legal Options?

A car crash, no matter how minor, can leave a victim suffering from body pain. Even if they do not feel apparent external injuries like cuts, bruises, or lacerations, the impact’s force can lead to severe internal injuries. Thus, victims can sustain fractured bones, back injuries, head injuries, soft tissues injuries, and others. Sometimes, they may not feel significant pain hours, days, or weeks following the accident. If you were in a car crash and suffered delayed pain, you must visit a doctor as soon as possible. After you start getting treatment, contact one of the most respected car accident attorneys Los Angeles. An experienced lawyer has helped accident victims get financial compensation from the party that caused their crash. 

Is Delayed Pain a Cause for Concern?

After a car crash, victims must see a doctor to know if they have underlying injuries. They should continuously pay attention to any unusual pain in the days or weeks following their car accident. A strange pain can indicate internal injuries that require immediate medical attention. Delayed pain in the neck and shoulders is a symptom of whiplash after a crash. 

Steps to Take If Victims Feel Delayed Pain

Victims who feel delayed pain after being in a car accident must go to their doctor to get a thorough medical examination. This must be done even if they have been cleared of any serious injuries during their initial examination. Delayed pain can indicate a serious underlying injury. For instance, victims of car accidents who suffer delayed headaches may have a traumatic brain injury that could be deadly when ignored. 

After getting a medical checkup and treatment, victims must consult with an attorney about their options for compensation. Proving that a delayed pain or injury is associated with one’s crash can be complicated. Insurance companies will look for reasons to deny claims including asserting that the current injury has nothing to do with the accident. 

A lot of injuries that result from a car crash present symptom immediately. However, others may take a few days or weeks to show up. For instance, infection because of an internal injury may take weeks to appear and could result in severe complications. Injuries show up depending on the seriousness of the crash, the victim’s body, the kind of injury they suffer, and other factors. If they have more legal questions regarding delayed pain following a vehicle crash, they should speak with their attorney for the right answers.