Do You Need a Lawyer to Get Divorced?

Getting divorced can be a stressful and exhausting process. You may think you can handle it on your own without legal advice or assistance, but you should ask yourself some important questions before you go it alone. Are you on amicable terms with your partner? Do you have irreconcilable issues or heated disagreements with them? Are the financial circumstances complicated and/or in dispute? Are there custody issues involving one or more children? Unless the answer is yes for the first and no for the next three, it’s a good idea to get someone to represent you and your interests. This article contains more information on whether or not you need family lawyers in Melbourne to get divorced.

How Amicable Are You with Each Other?

Sometimes, two people who are separating stay on friendly terms, which makes resolving their issues or concerns relatively simple. However, these are decidedly rare cases. Most of the time, a relationship has broken down to the point where neither party can agree on one or more important matters and are hostile or belligerent with each other. These situations necessitate the presence of a lawyer who can cut through aggression, dissatisfaction, and disagreement to reach an amicable resolution.

Are You Having Disagreements?

When relationships break down, disagreements are common and the issues can get quite heated. It can be difficult if not impossible to see the other person’s point of view and accept their terms or come to a compromise. Couples therefore seek out a family lawyer who is more impartial and can facilitate a dialogue that involves productive negotiations and just outcomes. Without one, you may find the situation will deteriorate, drawing out the proceedings and causing stress.

What Are Your Financial Circumstances?

A divorce can raise a lot of complicated financial issues and squabbles. This includes identifying the contributions each party made during the relationship, what their future needs will be, and how to divide the assets in a just and equitable way. Trying to work these things out on your own can be challenging at the best times, least of all of when you’re going through a separation. Fortunately, a lawyer can work with you throughout the process to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

 Are One or More Children Involved?

Divorce is hard on a couple, but it’s even harder on children. Coming to an agreement on custody arrangements isn’t easy and can result in some of the fiercest arguments, hence the need for a lawyer who can make impartial recommendations and achieve equitable solutions. They’ll prioritise the interests of the children, ensuring that time spent with each parent and other factors are properly considered. This also takes into account their relationship with grandparents and other relatives.

Find a Family Lawyer for Divorce Advice

When divorce proceedings begin and the parties involved can’t come to an agreement or resolution regarding the matters therein, you should seek advice and assistance from licensed family lawyers in Melbourne. They can help facilitate communication, negotiate on your behalf, resolve financial or custody issues, reach agreements, and achieve fair outcomes for all involved. This makes the process quicker and more straightforward, avoiding protracted disputes and costly court battles.