Motorcycle Crashes- One of the Most Common Types of Injury Accidents in the United States

Motorcycle crashes or accidents are increasingly prevalent in the USA. And due to this, the fatality and injury rate have also gone up. One of the primary reasons behind the shocking fatality and injury rates is the inexplicable commonality of motorcyclists refusing to wear helmets and other proper safety gear.

According to recently published data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 80 percent of the reported motorcycle accidents lead to fatality or injuries. Further, motorcycle fatality rates went up significantly in 2019 compared to previous years.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents 

While there are any number of factors that could account for an individual motorcycle accident, there are some common causes that are repeatedly seen. Among the most commonly mentioned causes of motorcycle accidents include;

  • Corner- Turning:Many accidents happen when a rider is about to take a turn. Motorcycles are small, close to the ground, and difficult to see, especially when turning.  Vehicles turning the other direction often fail to see motorcycles until it is too late.
  • Intoxication:About thirty-one percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involve a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Lane Splitting:Illegal in some jurisdictions, lane splitting is a dangerous practice of a motorcycle driving between lanes of traffic. This leads to a number of dangerous accidents.

Safety Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents 

If you take the proper safety measures, you may be able to avoid motorcycle accidents. Though it is very uncertain when an accident will occur, you can still lessen the impact of the crush if you use the right safety gear and follow the best safety tips.

  • Safety Gears & Helmet: Always wear long pants and sleeves made of thick material or leather, ankle guards, gloves, and eye protection. Government-approved, good quality & high-grade helmets should be used to safeguard your and passengers.
  • Never Drink & Drive: Never ride your bike when you are under the influence of alcohol, or drugs. A shocking number of serious and fatal crashes involve an alcohol or drug-impaired driver. Ride sober. Always.
  • Get Training: Before you start riding your new bike and hit the road, make sure you are well aware of motorcycle roadway safety rules. Many new riders benefit from a biker safety course. These are available in communities across the country.
  • Check Weather: Never ride your bike in bad weather conditions if you can avoid it. During serious rain, snow, sleet, and high winds, the chances of low visibility, poor bike control, and difficult maneuverability increase. Make sure to check the weather before you get out for a ride.
  • Keep Safe Distance:Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road.  If the other larger vehicles apply brakes suddenly, you may not be able to stop your bike to avoid an accident.
  • Use Indicators & Mirrors:While taking turns, always use indicators and slow down your motorcycle, and do not forget to use side mirrors so you can safely take turns without any crashes.

Motorcycle accidents can be heartbreaking, especially if someone loses their life due to a crash. Before riding a motorcycle, make sure that you follow the points mentioned above. But the most important rule is that you must wear a helmet. This is thought to be the number one safety priority where motorcycles are concerned.  And always remember that your loved ones are waiting for you at home before riding your bike recklessly.

Whenever you or someone you love experiences a Motorcycle Accident in Philadelphia, make sure you get help right away. If you have been injured, you may be able to seek monetary compensation for your damages due. To make this process easy, you can consult an experienced injury lawyer. Once you discuss your concerns with your attorney, he or she can provide you with all of your options and set you on the road to physical and financial recovery.