Some Fields In The Profession Of The Law

Some areas are more traditional, and the future lawyer may look to them for a chance in the market. You can check the main areas of law from now on.

  1. Civil Law

Civil law in Stracci law group is the largest among the fields of the profession. In this sense, the lawyer should specialize within the area itself. Thus, it can represent individual rights, the family, goods, services, legal facts, and other interests linked to the individual, their material goods, and their responsibilities as a citizen.

This is the field that organizes society through norms that regulate interactions between people. Do you want to go out and put some orders around? So, this one is for you!

  1. Criminal Law

Responsible for the social order, this area aims to maintain peace in society. Through laws, the Criminal Law establishes rules for punishing those who commit crimes and misdemeanors that harm the coexistence between individuals and society in general. The lawyer will act as representation in criminal actions, defending or accusing legal entities or individuals.

  1. Tax Law

As the name suggests, the Tax Law aims to take care of taxes, inspecting taxes, fees, and contributions for improvement. Professionals in this sector must guide individuals and legal entities concerning tax obligations. Also known as Tax Law, studies in the area focus on the rules that establish and regulate the collection of taxes.

  1. Business Law

Business Law aims to deal with the business activities of organizations and entrepreneurs. This is an area of ​​Private Law that governs and complies with the rules of commerce and services, acting in the establishment of companies, contracts, property, etc.

The guidelines for Business Law are in the Civil Code, and they must be observed by entrepreneurs so that the legal aspects of their organization are complied with.

  1. Environmental Law

The main objective of Environmental Law is to protect the environment based on four principles: proportionality, prevention, polluter pays, and cooperation. The laws are governed by the Federal Constitution and the Forest Code, and the National Environmental Policy.

Other laws are also applied to promote the conservation, protection, and management of nature’s assets. The environmental crimes law serves to punish and guide the population to ensure a sustainable world.

  1. Consumer Rights

Consumer Law deals with the relationships of the ordinary citizen with the business environment, whether in direct sales or the provision of services.

The idea is to make consumers aware and defend their rights when they are exploited or deceived concerning what was offered. The Consumer Protection and Defense code was created in 1990 and provides a legal basis for lawyers in this area to act.

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