Some Tips For Optimizing AdWords Campaigns For Law Firms

Tips to optimize each page for law firm internet marketing that will receive hits from the campaign (avoid sending visitors to the home, as they will need to search for the content).

  1. Use the video to your advantage

Video is one of the fastest-growing formats in marketing. Both through YouTube and on social networks like Facebook, this format allows it to be informative and friendly to any user profile. Did you know that YouTube is considered the second largest search engine globally, only behind Google itself?

For lawyers, it can be a plus to implement a YouTube channel and produce short videos (up to 5 minutes) with different tips within their area of ​​expertise. Use these videos through social networks like Facebook, either with the office fan page or even from your profile, which can generate great reach.

  1. Produce quality content for your audience.

A marketing tip that is often repeated repeatedly (and often ignored) is to produce high-quality content to attract readers and generate online engagement. This is crucial in almost any segment, but in law, it is possible to pay special attention, as lawyers generally like to write.

But when it comes to creating content, we need to avoid those long, technical articles that discourage any lay reader from going beyond the first paragraph. Write to clients, not to other lawyers. Invest in quality content for the official website pages (institutional, services, business segments, etc.) and more “friendly” articles, with content that can be read by (and is enjoyable for) potential clients.

An efficient tip is to build a blog and structure an editorial calendar, with articles that should be produced and made available over the next few months, always with content related to the firm’s areas.

  1. Promote your content

Among the biggest mistakes made online, one of them stands out: Offices often invest heavily in building a quality website (something important) but fail to advertise it correctly. Although redesigning a website is a crucial step, it is only the beginning. It is necessary to create a regular disclosure process, ranging from including the website address in the email signature to registering in specialized directories and websites (Google My Business, Yelp, etc.). Without the proper disclosure, the tendency is for the site to be accessed only ?? office lawyers!

Some more attentive offices already understand the importance of investing in content production through blogs. However, it is here that many end up failing: They invest time and energy producing content but end up not paying attention to divulge the same. You need to be proactive and direct your audience to the content. But how do you do that? Social networking is the easiest and cheapest way.