The Insurance Company Is Asking For My Previous Medical Records -What to do?

After getting into an accident due to someone else’s fault, you have the right to file a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. When filing compensation, there are certain things you should be aware of. Remember, the insurance company can violate your rights, so it is crucial to know your rights by hiring a personal injury lawyer

Additionally, when you are seeking financial compensation, the insurance company will conduct an investigation that will help in determining liability and compensation amount. For this, they need to examine whether your injuries occurred due to the accident or because of your previous conditions. 

Should you submit your medical history to the insurance company?

It is advisable not to submit your medical history unless the insurance company demands it. The insurance company cannot get access to your previous medical records without your consent unless the court orders it. If they get access to your medical records without your permission, you can take legal action against the insurance company. 

Furthermore, you can give your consent to the insurance company to see your medical history to determine whether your injuries occurred from a recent accident or previous injuries. In case you have previous injuries and the accident made it worse, you are eligible to get compensation for the same. 

It would be best if you documented your injuries from the day of your accident. It would also help to ask your doctor to help you understand how you sustained injuries. Your doctor can be a crucial witness to support your claim and prove your injuries. All the reports, prescriptions, diagnoses, and doctors’ advice can help in establishing your injuries. Moreover, it may be mandatory to submit your previous medical records to the insurance company if they demand to see them. 

Take advice from your personal injury lawyer. 

Sometimes the case can become complex, especially if you have previous injuries. In such a case, getting compensation and proving that your injuries were a result of a recent accident can be challenging. This is why it is better to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you seek help from a reliable lawyer, they may have dealt with similar cases and are aware of all the possible outcomes for your case. Your lawyer will advise you about the claim and how you should proceed to get maximum compensation.