Three Important Information Your Charlotte Family Law Attorney Must Know at the Start of Your Divorce Case

Divorce is an emotional legal process. Although you know your charlotte family law attorney is on your side, you may not want to share all the details of your married life with them. Some of these details are quite personal and you may not want your spouse to discover this information. But, your lawyer can only build a strong case for you if you tell them the whole truth even the embarrassing details.  Your lawyer must know some details at the start of your divorce case, including the following:

Prenuptial Agreement

If a prenuptial agreement exists, your lawyer must know about it. A valid prenuptial agreement in North Carolina is in writing and signed by both parties. It often specifies the assets that are considered separate property, which is not subject to equitable distribution. Also, it may specify the length and amount of spousal support that a party can get.

Current or Previous Family Situations

Your divorce lawyer must know sensitive information about you that may impact your divorce settlement. This information must be disclosed to your lawyer even if doesn’t reflect you positively. Whether it’s about you having an affair, your family being subjected to a child abuse investigation, or being a victim of domestic abuse, your lawyer needs to know all the details to build a strong case from the get-go. A good lawyer is a professional, so they will not judge you. And your attorney-client privilege will keep your information confidential. 

Hidden Assets

Have you been hiding assets from your spouse? If so, your family law attorney must know about them. The lawyer of your spouse discovers these assets and blindsiding your lawyer with this information can ruin your case. The law prohibits hiding assets and doing so could lead to consequences beyond your divorce settlements. By disclosing your hidden assets to your attorney, you can resolve any legal issues before your divorce, ensuring the court does not impose additional penalties on you. If you think your spouse is hiding assets, your divorce lawyer can request for production to find this information. 

Going through a divorce can put you in constant emotional turmoil. You may worry that personal details about your marriage will be known to others and will be presented in an unfavorable light. Disclosing information to your lawyer from the start lets them help you work through any legal issues while they build your case.