Three Steps to Take After Your Workers’ Comp Claim Has been Denied

Did you file a workers’ compensation and your claim was denied? If so, you are probably confused about what to do next. You have medical bills piling up and you can’t return to work because of workplace injury. Should you just give up? The answer to this is a big NO! Workers’ compensation denials are common in Cedar Rapids. These can happen for different reasons. If your claim has been denied, you should see an attorney and know the legal options you can consider. Workers’ compensation in Cedar Rapids is not easy to navigate for someone who does not know the relevant laws and how the process works. But, with an attorney on your side, you can challenge the denial with more confidence. Here’s what you should do after your claim has been denied:

Determine the Possible Reasons for the Denial

To determine why workers’ comp deny your claim, consider if you reported the injury on time. In Colorado, you are required to report the injury within four days, but your employer has up to ten days to report the injury to their insurance carrier. If you fail to report your injury within the specified period, it could be the reason your claim was denied. Also, your injury could be denied because of how and where you sustained the injury and whether or not you see the right physician.

Speak with a Workers’ Comp Attorney

You should consult your attorney about appealing the denial. Your lawyer will contact the insurance company to get more information about the denial and address any outstanding issues. Then, they will file a petition to request an informal hearing with a judge and file a formal claim petition with the state’s workers’ compensation division. 

Explore Other Options You May Have

When you consult your lawyer, discuss other options to seek financial compensation outside of workers’ compensation. You may have personal injury claims through which you can seek damages regardless of your eligibility for workers’ comp. Your attorney will evaluate your case and determine if you can file a third-party claim. 

No matter the circumstances and how long or how difficult you fought to receive workers’ comp benefits, you must stay hopeful that you secure them. A skilled attorney can explore a lot of ways to help you recover your losses even if your workers’ comp claim has been denied. They will work with you to collect more necessary evidence that will prove the validity of your claim.