Types of Staged Auto Collision

large number of car accidents take place that people stage for insurance. Protecting a ride in road accidents is essential so that no irrelevant claims can be held against you. Any compensation claim that gets filed requires you to pay for the damages. It is important to stay cautious while handling such circumstances with a car accident attorney

Kinds of Staged Auto Crashes

A staged car crash refers to collisions involving intentional wreckage by drivers so that they can file false claims against the insurance company of the people involved. They purposely caused the accident and displayed that the other person was guilty of the accident. They do it by proving negligence against him for receiving compensation. 

To stay alert from state car accidents, it is crucial to be aware of the kinds of staged car crashes.

  • T-Bone

T-bone staged crashes involved wreckage to the victim’s vehicle intentionally. The scammers generally look for vehicles passing at intersections so that they can hit them by accelerating their cars. They run over red lights or stop symbols. To protect yourself from such accidents and their compensation, it is vital to check for any witnesses present around there so that their testimonies can be used to safeguard your rights and proving your innocence. 

  • Swoop and Stop

In such types of crashes, two drivers are involved other than the innocent one. One of them starts pulling right in front of the innocent driver’s car and squats down to help the other driver pull up. The first driver ends up slamming the brakes and causing a rear-end crash by the victim’s vehicle. 

  • Wave-In

When vehicles merge, there is a great risk of Wave-in or drive-down crashes. The people who stage such accidents look for drivers merging into the lane and waving them in. This is followed by acceleration and intentionally hitting the innocent driver’s vehicle. They filed a claim that the innocent driver did not follow the safety rules while changing the lane. 

  • Brake Slam 

In such cases, scammers tend to drive ahead of the victim. They purposefully wait for the innocent driver to get distracted from the road and then slam the brake. In the end, they make it look like the innocent driver was responsible for causing a rear-end crash. 

Speak to an attorney! 

It is essential to speak to an experienced car accident attorney who can assist you with your case and help in getting the deserving compensation.