What Is the Purpose of Family Law and When Is It Used?

Family law is the area of law that focuses directly on issues involving family relationships. While this can include any issues families face, the following are the most common situations that family lawyers represent clients in.

Prenuptial Agreements

Some couples decide to put an agreement in place prior to marriage that helps keep finances and property separate in the event that the marriage dissolves or one spouse dies. This is known as a prenuptial agreement.

At times, these agreements are in place for the entire marriage, while others are only in effect for a set amount of time. A family lawyer can help create a prenuptial agreement that protects their client.


Divorce can get messy, so it’s always best to have an attorney on your side. A family lawyer can assist in creating a divorce settlement. If the parties involved cannot agree on a settlement plan, the family lawyer will represent their client in court.

If you have to go to court, it’s important to have a family lawyer that is committed to bringing you the best outcome. While there are many lawyers out there that specialize in representing wives in court, it can sometimes be difficult to find one that is as committed to helping their male counterparts. However, it’s not impossible as firms like Cordell & Cordell focus specifically on the legal rights of men in family law.

Child Visitations and Custody

Divorce settlements typically include who will get custody of any children and outline visitation rights for the other party. This can be one of the toughest disagreements to settle in a divorce, but a family lawyer can help you through the process.

In many cases, the mother – unless deemed unfit – is granted custody. However, some lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the father’s rights, like the Cordell & Cordell team.


Family lawyers also help you through the adoption process, which can be a difficult one to manage. The paperwork differs between types of adoptions, state laws, and more. Having an attorney on your side is the best way to make sure everything is handled properly.

Any time you face a situation dealing with a spouse, domestic partner, or children, a family lawyer can represent you. Having an attorney can have a huge impact on the result of the situation.