Why You Should Avoid a DIY Divorce

Divorce is difficult financially and emotionally. That is why you may choose to do it yourself. After all, you probably know some people who went through it and you know exactly what you want. But, as with other legal processes, divorce has many legal details you need to understand. And the divorce process can get even more complicated when you don’t control your emotions. Trying to go through the process without a sandy divorce lawyer can result in frustration and more issues later. If you are planning to dissolve your marriage, it is best to work with a reputable divorce attorney. Here’s why you should avoid a DIY divorce:

A lot of Details Must be Paid Attention To

The main issue with a DIY divorce is probably the laws and legal rules that apply. Each state has different laws and each courtroom has specific routines and procedures to follow. Unless you are a lawyer yourself, you probably don’t know all of these. Aside from these, you also have to address each aspect of the divorce including asset and debt division, child support, and other matters. Plus, you need to ensure the divorce decree covers everything. Without legal training and experience, trying to deal with the divorce yourself does not make sense.

Things Can Go Wrong

If you choose to do a divorce yourself, you can end up with a divorce decree that doe not meet your needs and interests. And a decree is officially issued by a judge, it will be difficult to change it. And things can get complicated if you don’t have savings. Although you don’t pay attorney’s fees in a DIY divorce, you must pay later if you have to make changes. Also, you risk losing money on the table without a legal representative. Worst of all, if your spouse has an attorney and you don’t, you will be at a disadvantage. Your spouse’s attorney will take advantage of your inexperience. Because of this, you may lose out on everything. 

Just because you hire a divorce attorney does not mean you are setting up a fight. You can hire an attorney who is trained in collaborative divorce. This type of divorce will be less stressful and your attorney can find ways to work together and reach a settlement agreement that is fair for both parties. A skilled divorce attorney can help you understand the process and represent your interests.